PRESCOL - Synthetic Resins

Prescol is a condensation product of Urea and Formaldehyde and issued as a bonding agent for any two surfaces which are porous, damp, corrosion, mould growth and decay. The bonding has the strength to resist any external pressure upto a certain limit.

Prescol is supplied as dry Resin Powder which generally requires to be reconstituted with water before use.

The plant to produce Prescol was set up in 1965 with an installed capacity of 2000 tonnes per annum. Prescol carries IS mark of quality (IS-848-1974).

1. Being in dry powder form, the usage can be controlled and thus made cost effective.
2. Easier to handle and transport.
3. Consistently good quality.
4. Higher shelf life.
5. Better yieldage.

Various grades of Plywood (CWR/WWR), Block boards, Chip boards, Wall boards, Hard boards etc., Tea chest, Cork felt, Pencils, Brushes, Sewing machine covers, Table tops, Sports goods etc.